Lawn Fertilization Services

Our Total Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization service starts at just $49! We provide 8 applications per year, giving you a lush, green lawn free of Oklahoma’s weeds all year round. Join the lawn fertilization program now to get the most out of your grass this season. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Lawn Fertilization Process 

Living in Oklahoma, we know it can be hard to maintain a healthy, beautiful lush green yard. We customize our weed control and lawn fertilization programs to meet your specific lawn requirements.

Weed control & lawn fertilization go hand-in-hand. Weed control services choke out and kill the weeds that have taken over your yard, and lawn fertilization brings your yard back to life. When used together, they give you the lush green grass you desire.

We recommend a comprehensive soil test consultation before beginning any program, so that we can get the right program for you. No two yards are the same, and we want to optimize your results. Learn more about our soil test consultation.

Weed Free in Just 8 Applications

Once we have tailored a plan suitable for your lawn goals, the best time to start our weed control & lawn fertilization program is in winter. We begin with weed control, utilizing pre-emergent & post-emergent treatments to kill any existing weeds while keeping the weeds from germinating. In the spring we combine weed control & lawn fertilization services, continuing the prevention of weeds sprouting up and applying a balanced granular fertilizer to begin the growth process in your yard. We continue this growing process throughout the spring and summer to promote healthy grass growth in your yard. When autumn rolls around, we over-seed the yard & focus on weed control, preventing any winter weeds from emerging in your lawn. Finally, we finish the winter off with a granular winterizer treatment & fungicide protecting your grass in the harsh winter months. Giving you a lush green yard you can be proud of! 

Lawn Fertilization Services in Edmond & OKC Metro

Achieve your dream yard by partnering with Weed Free Lawns today. We strive to provide the best quality weed control & lawn fertilization service for each of our customers every day. Our 8 application program starts at $49. Contact us now to partner with the best lawn pros in the OKC Metro area!