Warm Grass

Warm-Season Turfgrass

Bermuda Grass:

A warm-season turfgrass known for its drought tolerance and resistance to diseases. Bermuda grass is the most commonly planted grass variety in the state of Oklahoma. It is best for areas with direct sunlight. This turfgrass is NOT the best grass for shade or under trees.

Zoysia Grass:

A warm-season turfgrass known for its Winter hardiness and ability to grow in partially shaded areas. Zoysia grass requires more frequent watering than Bermuda grass. Zoysia grass is also slightly more susceptible to common lawn diseases such as Brown Patch, rust, and leaf spot. The mowing height must be kept higher than typical Bermuda grass.

Cool-Season Turfgrass

Tall Fescue Grass:

A cool-season turfgrass known for shady areas or areas with less sunlight. Fescue is a bunch-type turfgrass and is not as drought tolerant as warm-season grasses. Fescue requires more water throughout the year. Because it is a bunch-type grass, it is best to overseed with fescue seed during early Fall.

Perennial Rye Grass:

A cool-season turfgrass known for adding temporary green during the winter months. Perennial Rye is best for moderate to full sun. Homeowners, sports field managers, and golf course managers overseed warm-season grasses with Perennial Rye during the fall in order to have green grass during the Fall/Winter. Perennial Rye is not very hardy and requires water throughout Winter.